Here’s how my wedding celebrant services work – I am here to marry you. You will choose every part of your wedding ceremony – the words I say, the rituals we perform, the music that plays. You can be sure that your wedding ceremony is be true to who you are.

During the ceremony, a moment of powerful awareness will come to you, when you look at each other and realise – I’m going to be spending the rest of my life with this amazing person.

** I am not a legal solemniser, which means I can’t conduct a legally binding wedding ceremony. But organising your legal wedding ceremony is straightforward. I’ve created a blog post that tells you how to organise your legal wedding signing. Have a read of it and follow the advice in it, step by step. You’ll also get more information from the HSE website. **

Your Wedding Ceremony


Your wedding ceremony will take the shape you want it to take. It will fit your values, your beliefs and your personalities. But here’s a flavour of what you can expect. I will create and deliver a love story, especially for you.

You will hear readings and music that reflect your tastes. There will be plenty of laughter and the right kind of tears. We will perform rituals together that will unite you as a couple and as a family.

You can choose a Celtic handfasting, a wine box and love letter ritual, a sand ceremony and much more. You will exchange rings and vow to love each other forever. And at the very end, I will pronounce you …

Wedding Ceremony With Vows


Not only will I create your wedding ceremony, but I will create personalised vows just for you. You have two options with this offer. I can write vows for you from scratch that you will read to each other with love on your wedding day.

Or I will help you write your own vows for each other, drawing on my wealth of experience as a creative writing tutor.

I can keep those secret until your big day if you like!

Weddings Written With Love

Imagine a ceremony where every word is written just for you. No-one else has ever heard these words before today. That’s what I offer you in Weddings Written With Love. I write every word of the ceremony from scratch – every word is inspired by you.

I will create the readings, the love story, the vows, and the wordings for the rituals and ring exchange, and every word I write is especially for you.

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    • I’m only sorry that my own wedding and the births of my children happened before Derbhile became a Life Celebrant, as I would have loved to have her officiate at those milestones in my life. However, I did get the chance to benefit from her skills at my fortieth birthday party. My husband asked her to say a few words at the party. She perfectly tread the balance between making me feel good, entertaining the other guests, and not mortifying me! To anyone thinking of enlisting Derbhile’s services as a celebrant, I can only urge you to do so. You will be in the best possible hands.
      Orla Shanaghy, Birthday

    • We wanted a ceremony to officially welcome our son into the world. We didn’t know what we wanted except to have our families there to mark the occasion and celebrate with us. Derbhile helped shape a naming ceremony for us by describing different things we could do. The ceremony itself went way beyond our expectations. We were expecting something simple. It was that and much more as Derbhile brought a tone and message that was profound and fitting of the wondrous occasion of inviting a new person into our families. She was able to conjure lightness and gravity and a unique ability to elevate the occasion to something truly spiritual.
      Baby Muiris, Naming Ceremony

    • Derbhile did an amazing job delivering our wedding ceremony! Everyone was commenting on how personal the ceremony was and how impressed they were with her! Her voice is so clear and carries so well. Her communication was always very clear and prompt and she ran everything by us. She made the process so easy. Thanks so much for making our ceremony so special! Would definitely recommend Derv as an excellent celebrant.
      Valerie and Michael, Wedding Ceremony – New Year’s Eve 2019

    • I am really glad that Derbhile was there to be a witness and guide us through the ceremony. She made it all so easy and relaxed, we had a great giggle, which is exactly the way we wanted. And we also got a recording of the ceremony afterwards as Derbhile had recorded it through Zoom. I would highly recommend Derbhile for any type of ceremony, she is sensitive, eloquent and compassionate. She was prepared, helped me be organised through planning the event beforehand. Thanks a million Derbhile, you made our day really special.”
      The Healys, Vow Renewal Ceremony

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