How Celebrants Help With Wedding Planning

How Celebrants Help With Wedding Planning
 had an exciting conversation last week. It was with a couple who have chosen me as their celebrant for their wedding in October. The chat was via Zoom, they were in America and I was in my house by the sea in Ireland, but it felt like we were all in the same room.

We were taking the first steps towards planning their wedding ceremony. And I may be asking the questions, but the couple are at the heart of the wedding preparations I make.

When you see a celebrant deliver a wedding ceremony, you just see what you do on the day. But a lot of planning goes into that ceremony. Last week’s chat with the couple was just a chance to get to know each other, but it’s pretty clear that they’ll be a delightful couple to work with.

Given that it was our first chat, we got a lot covered. I got a feel for what kind of ceremony they wanted – it turns out they want some baby naming rituals for their newborn as well. I also told them what kind of ceremony I offered. The couple are determined not to let the COVID situation stop the m from having their dream wedding – and I’m just as determined.

Wedding consultation example (Image from Etsy)

The Wedding Consultation

The next step will be a full-on wedding consultation, where we’ll discuss every aspect of their ceremony. I’ve now sent the couple the wedding consultation form that I go through during this wedding consultation.

With some couples, I’d go through it in a call but they’re the sort of couple who likes to write their thoughts down. We’ll then chat through the wedding consultation form in a few weeks’ time. I’ll then use what they tell me to write my wedding ceremony script,

We’ll talk about who’s coming to the wedding and where they’ve come from. I’ll find out more about the bridal party and what each person in the bridal party means to the couple.

We’ll also talk about what rituals they want and what materials they’d like to use for the rituals. Maybe they’ll want sand from a local beach for the sand ceremony, or maybe they’ll want cords in GAA colours for the handfasting.

Have a look at the Weddings page on my website to see where all this planning can take you on the day of your ceremony.

The Love Story

The most important part of the wedding consultation form is the part about the love story. This couple have had an eventful life in the last few years, so their love story will be a true celebration of how far they’ve come. I could write a whole blog post about the love story, and I will.

The love story is what makes a wedding ceremony by an independent celebrant stand out. We write a unique love story for every couple we work with. It adds creativity, laughter and emotion to each ceremony.

If I do my job right, the end result of all this planning will be a unique wedding ceremony, a ceremony full of creativity, honesty and passion. This wedding ceremony will give this couple the space to tell the truth about their love for each other.

The guests won’t see the ceremony as the thirty minutes to endure before the party starts. It will stay in their minds long after the couple walk back down the aisle.

If you’d love the chance to talk about your own dream wedding ceremony, I’d love to hear from you. Email or call me on 087 6959799 to get the ball rolling.


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