As your funeral celebrant, I’m here to help you give your loved ones the goodbye they deserve. I will help you plan a funeral ceremony that’s true to who your loved one was and how they lived. The ceremony I create will be shaped by your loved one’s beliefs, personality and life experience. I deliver ceremonies to people of all faiths and none – you have the power to decide how spiritual or secular you want your ceremony to be.

I deliver ceremonies that aim to offer comfort and solace at every stage of the grieving process. Have a look at the types of funeral services I offer.

Your Funeral Ceremony


In those dark, difficult days after your loved one passes away, I will be with you every step of the way to help you create a funeral ceremony for your loved one. Your celebrant-led funeral will feel quite familiar to you. You’ll choose music and readings. You can have a eulogy, a life story that celebrates your loved one. You can offer gifts and light candles.

The main difference is that from start to finish, it will be infused with the spirit of your loved one. It will give you the chance to show them how much they meant to you before your final goodbye.

Memorial and Anniversary Ceremonies


Memorial ceremonies give you a chance to celebrate your loved one’s life in a more joyous way, helping you smile through your sadness. Memorial ceremonies often have a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of laughter, as you tell stories about your loved one, play their favourite music, and run a slideshow featuring special moments in their life.

Memorial ceremonies give you great comfort if you weren’t able to have a funeral for your loved one at the time they passed away. You can organise a memorial ceremony to mark a significant anniversary or birthday, or simply because you want to remember them in a positive way.

Planning Your Own Funeral


Planning a funeral may feel like a strange idea, but it makes total sense. You plan what happens to you in your life – why not plan what happens to you after your life is over. I will sit down with you over a cup of tea and we’ll have a chat about the kind of funeral you’d like to have. You’d be surprised how much fun it will be. You can decide whether you want a eulogy and what you want us to say in that eulogy. You can choose music and readings that fit with your taste, and you’d be surprised how much fun that is. You can also specify where you would like the funeral to happen and who will fulfil the different roles. You then leave these instructions with a funeral director or solicitor, and when the time comes, I will deliver your funeral ceremony.

I’m also a member of the Association of Funeral Celebrants Ireland. Through the AFCI, I’m also a full member of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors.

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    • I’m only sorry that my own wedding and the births of my children happened before Derbhile became a Life Celebrant, as I would have loved to have her officiate at those milestones in my life. However, I did get the chance to benefit from her skills at my fortieth birthday party. My husband asked her to say a few words at the party. She perfectly tread the balance between making me feel good, entertaining the other guests, and not mortifying me! To anyone thinking of enlisting Derbhile’s services as a celebrant, I can only urge you to do so. You will be in the best possible hands.
      Orla Shanaghy, Birthday

    • We wanted a ceremony to officially welcome our son into the world. We didn’t know what we wanted except to have our families there to mark the occasion and celebrate with us. Derbhile helped shape a naming ceremony for us by describing different things we could do. The ceremony itself went way beyond our expectations. We were expecting something simple. It was that and much more as Derbhile brought a tone and message that was profound and fitting of the wondrous occasion of inviting a new person into our families. She was able to conjure lightness and gravity and a unique ability to elevate the occasion to something truly spiritual.
      Baby Muiris, Naming Ceremony

    • Derbhile did an amazing job delivering our wedding ceremony! Everyone was commenting on how personal the ceremony was and how impressed they were with her! Her voice is so clear and carries so well. Her communication was always very clear and prompt and she ran everything by us. She made the process so easy. Thanks so much for making our ceremony so special! Would definitely recommend Derv as an excellent celebrant.
      Valerie and Michael, Wedding Ceremony – New Year’s Eve 2019

    • I am really glad that Derbhile was there to be a witness and guide us through the ceremony. She made it all so easy and relaxed, we had a great giggle, which is exactly the way we wanted. And we also got a recording of the ceremony afterwards as Derbhile had recorded it through Zoom. I would highly recommend Derbhile for any type of ceremony, she is sensitive, eloquent and compassionate. She was prepared, helped me be organised through planning the event beforehand. Thanks a million Derbhile, you made our day really special.”
      The Healys, Vow Renewal Ceremony

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