Vow Renewal Reading: I Rely On You

I can’t believe I’m already on the third video in my video blog series of ceremony readings. This week, it’s the turn of the vow renewal, a ceremony which gives couples a chance to renew their commitment to each other. The vow renewal reading I’ve chosen is called I Rely On You by Hovis Presley.

By the time you’ve reached the point where you’re considering a vow renewal, you’ve learnt more about the true meaning of love. You know that love isn’t just about the grand romantic gestures. It’s about the everyday things you do for each other to keep the flame of love alive.

This week’s reading, I Rely On You, celebrates the power of that everyday love. This poem will be sure to raise a smile at your vow renewal ceremony. It’s an ideal choice for unsentimental couples with an offbeat sense of humour.

Here I am reading a verse from I Rely On You. Hope you enjoy it.

Vow Renewal Reading – I Rely On You

If you want a vow renewal that’s free from sentiment and full of laughter, send me a message on info@celebrantderv.ie.

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