Christmas Ceremonies For You

We all know that Christmas will be different this year. And we’re all wondering whether Christmas will have the same magic if we’re not able to be with our families in the same way. As a slightly sentimental celebrant, I believe it will. You can still enjoy ceremonies, even if you’re in different parts of the world, and that’s why I’ve created some special Christmas ceremonies just for you.

Christmas Wedding Ceremonies

Christmas weddings are always magical. Wedding venues are beautifully decorated for Christmas and people come home from far and wide. And you can still experience some of that magic, with a socially distanced wedding of 25 people or less if you’re living in Ireland.

If you’re in a vulnerable group, or have relatives who are at risk, you can organise a Zoom wedding. People from all around the world can still gather to help you celebrate your love. When I deliver a Zoom ceremony, I make sure it feels as much as possible like the real thing. If love is in the air, you don’t need to be in the same room to feel it.

Christmas Memorial Ceremony

For some people, Christmas is a sad time as they remember their loved ones and that’s especially true this year. If someone you love passed away this year, you may not have been able to mourn them the way you deserved to. A Christmas memorial ceremony will allow you to mourn them, but also to celebrate your life. It will give you the space to process your emotions and hopefully let you begin healing.

This is a picture of a remembrance wreath that would be suitable for use at a Christmas memorial ceremony. It’s a flower arrangement arranged in a circle, with three orange flowers and several purple and white flowers intertwined with green leaves. Photo Credit: Casia Flowers.

Christmas Family Ceremonies

A lot of families won’t be sitting around the dinner table this Christmas, but you and your family can still come together through the magic of Zoom for a special Christmas family ceremony. You can do ceremony rituals together that help you celebrate your bond as a family.

For example, you can all pour sand at the same time, to show how your lives are intertwined. Or you can tie wishes to ribbons and pin them up in a place where you can easily see them. A family ceremony isn’t just about rituals. Why not swap funny and touching stories of Christmas past, or sing one of your favourite songs. This ceremony will help you feel you’re together, even though you’re apart.

Whether you choose to have a virtual or socially distanced ceremony, I’m looking forward to helping you make your Christmas as special as ever. You can give me a call on 087 6959799 to discuss your needs.

Five Places to Host Your Memorial Ceremony

As we come out of COVID restrictions, funeral sizes are increasing and more venues are opening up. And people who were forced to say goodbye to their loved ones during the height of restrictions will begin to look at ways of remembering them the way they deserve to be remembered. If you’ve lost a loved one during this difficult time, you may want to consider organising a memorial ceremony.

Memorial ceremonies will offer people the opportunity to say the goodbye they wish they could have said at the time of their loved one’s passing. If you’re looking to plan a memorial ceremony, you’ll be interested to know that you’re free to hold your memorial ceremony anywhere. All you need to do is check that it’s okay to bring your loved one’s ashes in an earn, if that’s something you want to do.

If you want to find out more about what a memorial ceremony is, you can browse through my Funerals page.

There are lots of beautiful places you can consider for your memorial ceremony, and I’m going to share a few ideas with you in this post.

Converted Church

As the church-going population declines, more and more churches are being turned over to the community, or to enterprising people who see their potential as a space to welcome people. If your loved one was a spiritual person, a converted church sill be an atmospheric choice of venue for a memorial celebration.

This photo gives an example of a venue that people can use for memorial ceremonies, in this case a converted church.
This is a picture of a grey and white building that looks like a church, with a blue sky above. The building is Copper Coast Geopark Visitor Centre in Bonmahon, Co. Waterford, which you can use for all kinds of ceremonies. Photo Credit: Copper Coast Geopark

Clubhouse or Community Centre

Was your loved one a sports fanatic? Did they spend all their spare hours at the golf club? Did they coach teams at the GAA or soccer club? What a lovely idea it would be to pay tribute to them at the club where they devoted so much of their time and energy. It doesn’t have to be a sports club.

It could be a community centre or Scout hall, and the ceremony could celebrate the contribution that person made to their community. As an added touch, the club members could do a guard of honour for the person, which they mightn’t have had a chance to do at the time.

Arts Venue

Maybe your loved one was more of an arty type, a musician, an actor or an artist. If so, then you can organise a colourful celebration of life at their favourite arts venue. It could be a gallery, an arts centre, a theatre or concert venue, or even a pub!

You can celebrate the person’s life through their art, with their pictures on the walls or music playing. Better yet, you could have live performances of their music, poetry or plays. Including their art in the ceremony will show that their loved one lives on through their creativity and their stories.

Hotel/Restaurant Venue

If there was a favourite place your loved one liked to go to for a meal or for entertainment, you can pay tribute to them in a place that’s full of happy memories. Along the way, you can enjoy some delicious food and drink and raise a toast to your loved one.

If a hotel or a restaurant has a small room where you can gather, it’ll help you create an intimate ceremony for the ones who were closest to your loved one. You can share a meal together to give thanks for your loved one’s life.

Outdoor Venue

If you decide to hold your memorial service outside, it will give you great freedom. The whole of nature is available to you as a backdrop for your ceremony. If your loved one was a hiker, a biker or a walker, you can hold your ceremony in a place where they found peace and wellbeing.

The place you choose will create its own atmosphere, and you can breathe in fresh air and enjoy beautiful scenery, which will give you comfort at this difficult time.

Use of any venue is subject to permission from the venue owners, but I’m happy to do a ceremony in any venue you wish. You can give me a call on 087 6959799.


As a funeral celebrant, I aim to deliver ceremonies that celebrate life. I create funeral ceremonies that define how a person lived, not how they passed away. My ceremonies will help you give your loved ones the goodbye they deserve. In those difficult days after your loved one passes away, you can pick up the phone to me. I’ll be there to help you plan a funeral ceremony that’s true to who they were.

This photo aims to convey the idea that life is worth celebrating, even when we are grieving.
This is a picture of a yellow rose with rich green leaves around it, supported by a wall or fence with wooden slats (Photo Credit: Simon Coury.)

Memorial Ceremonies

I offer ceremonies for people who weren’t able to mourn their loved ones at the time of their passing. A memorial ceremony will give you a chance to come together and reflect on your loved one’s life and legacy. I also offer death anniversary ceremonies, scattering of ashes ceremonies and graveside ceremonies.

This is a pic I took of The Island Crematorium in Cork City, a historic building and offers a comforting backdrop for your final funeral ceremony.

Planning Your Own Funeral

I can help you plan your own funeral ceremony. Believe it or not, it is becoming more and more popular for people to plan their funerals. You decide what happens to you while you’re alive, so why shouldn’t you decide what happens to you after you pass away? I’ll work with you to organise an end of life celebration that your loved ones will always remember.

I work closely with funeral directors. But if you want to arrange a funeral, for your loved one or yourself, you’re also welcome to contact me yourself. You can give me a call on 087 695 9799 and I’ll be happy to talk to you.

I’m also a member of the Association of Funeral Celebrants Ireland. Through the AFCI, I’m also a full member of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors.

This is a logo that’s the shape and colour of a gold coin, with purple writing that says Remember, Honour Celebrate around the edges and AFCI in the centre. (Logo Credit: Fiona Daly.)

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