As a funeral celebrant, I aim to deliver ceremonies that celebrate life. I create funeral ceremonies that define how a person lived, not how they passed away. My ceremonies offer you the opportunity to pay tribute to your loved ones in a way that shows people who they were. They will help you remember your loved ones in the way they deserve to be remembered.

This photo aims to convey the idea that life is worth celebrating, even when we are grieving.
This is a picture of a yellow rose with rich green leaves around it, supported by a wall or fence with wooden slats (Photo Credit: Simon Coury.)

Memorial Ceremonies

As well as funeral ceremonies/celebration of life ceremonies, I offer memorial services for people who weren’t able to mourn their loved ones at the time of their passing. I also offer death anniversary ceremonies, scattering of ashes ceremonies and graveside rituals.

Planning Your Own Funeral

I can also help you plan your own funeral. Believe it or not, this is becoming more and more popular. You decide what happens to you while you’re alive – why shouldn’t you decide what happens to you after you pass away? I’ll work with you to organise an end of life celebration that your loved ones will always remember.

I work closely with funeral directors, but if you want to arrange a funeral, you’re also welcome to contact me yourself, to arrange a funeral for yourself or your loved one. You can give me a call on 087 695 9799 and I’ll be happy to talk to you.

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