Why Small Weddings Are Mighty

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you what made my small wedding mighty, to encourage you to make the leap and plan a small, intimate wedding day. I hope this will soften the blows for couples who are having smaller weddings than they originally planned.

Celebrant Training: Why It’s A Great Idea

I’m glad I completed my celebrant training training. I feel I’m equipped to deal with my clients and to cope with whatever glitches arise. The fact that I’ve invested time and money to become a better celebrant builds trust. And I can show people that I have the skills to deliver the ceremony of their dreams.

Make Your Vow Renewal Even Better Than Your Wedding

Nothing could be better than your wedding day, could it? The day you and your beloved tell each other, and the world, that you will be together for life. But there is another day that can be just as good – in fact, it can even be better. That’s the day of your vow renewal.

Planning A Brilliant Wedding Ceremony With Your Celebrant

When you see a celebrant deliver a wedding ceremony, you just see what you do on the day. But a lot of planning goes into that ceremony. Last week’s chat with the couple was just a chance to get to know each other, but it’s pretty clear that they’ll be a delightful couple to work with.

Making Your Family Ceremony A Truly Joyful Experience

By Derbhile Graham A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about family ceremonies. There was a method to my madness – I was secretly planning a family ceremony, for the lovely Healy family in West Cork, in the deep south of Ireland. The family ceremony happened yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The […]

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