Another Wonderful Wedding Celebrant Gig

This week, I got some delightful news – another couple decided to put their faith in me and asked me to deliver their wedding ceremony. It’s in just six months’ time, and I already know I’m going to be busy on the May bank holiday weekend. I’ll be strapping up my glamorous wedding celebrant boots […]

Two Wonderful August Wedding Ceremonies

I know I’ve been quiet for a while now, but as lockdown eases, we’re all starting to lift our heads up and look towards the light – including wedding couples. And I’m delighted to say I’m back to full throttle with my celebrancy and my phone has been ringing and pinging with wedding enquiries. August […]

How Celebrants Deliver Safe COVID Ceremonies

This is a strange time to be delivering ceremonies. None of us could have anticipated when we were training as celebrants that we would have to wear gloves at a ceremony. Or that we wouldn’t be able to shake people’s hands. Still, we’ve resolved to keep delivering the best ceremonies we can during this COVID […]

How I’m Committing To Being An Inclusive Celebrant

Inclusion and diversity are big buzz words these days. I’m not into buzzwords. I’m into taking action, and following through on what I say I’ll do. To use another naff corporate phrase, I’m into walking the walk. So, when I say I want to be an inclusive celebrant, I mean it. And I’m particularly committed […]

How Independent Celebrants Make Your Wedding Ceremony Meaningful

Many marketing gurus tell us that we need to find our unique selling point if we’re to attract customers. In plain English, that’s the thing that helps you stand out. This can be a bit of a challenge when you’re an independent celebrant. There are many types of celebrants, and we all promise a ceremony […]

Christmas Ceremonies For You

We all know that Christmas will be different this year. And we’re all wondering whether Christmas will have the same magic if we’re not able to be with our families in the same way. As a slightly sentimental celebrant, I believe it will. You can still enjoy ceremonies, even if you’re in different parts of […]

My First Funeral Ceremony

I always had a hunch that I would be a funeral celebrant. But as I finished my funeral celebrant course and promoted my funeral celebrancy services, I still wondered: is funeral celebrancy for me? Three weeks ago, after I finished my first funeral ceremony, I knew the answer. Funeral celebrancy is for me. Getting The […]

Ceremonies For You

When you think of a ceremony, you think baby naming, wedding, vow renewal. As an independent celebrant, I deliver all those ceremonies and I’m delighted to do so. But what if you don’t get married? What if you don’t have a child? Does that mean you don’t get to have a ceremony? Yes, you can […]

How You Can Have A Life Ceremony About Anything

Not many people can say they made new friends during lockdown. But I managed it, thanks to a tribe of lighthearted women. That’s what we call ourselves. The Lighthearted Women. We laugh. We share wisdom. And we keep each other’s spirits up. We also do business with each other. I even had the privilege of […]

When The Funeral Celebrant Visited The Crematorium

Funeral celebrants are a strange breed. Most people, when they go on holidays, visit beaches, scenic areas, buildings of historic interest. On my staycation last week, I visited the Island Crematorium (link) in Cork, South-West Ireland. I tapped into the power of my network to arrange the visit, and the crematorium manager Brian Johnston said […]


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