Baby Namings

A baby naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome your child into the world. It celebrates where the child has come from and looks forward to the brilliant future that lies ahead for them. As an independent celebrants, I will design your baby naming ceremony to fit the shape of your family. You can make it like a traditional christening if you want, or it can be a prayer free zone. It’s up to you.

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I know you’re busy and sleep deprived, so I’ll put your baby naming ceremony together. All you have to do is give it your stamp of approval. Here are a few rituals that will add meaning to your baby naming ceremony.

Rituals for Baby Namings 

Rituals for baby naming ceremonies fall into two broad categories

Making Memories: If you want to capture this special moment in your child’s life, create a memory box or time capsule filled with precious mementos. Or plant a tree in your garden that will grow along with your child.

Wishes for the Future: Everyone at your naming future will be full of good wishes for your child’s future. Let them share their wishes by using them to a wishing tree, lighting candles or blowing bubbles.

If you’d like to celebrate your child’s past, present and future with a baby naming ceremony, message me:

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