About Me

What Kind of Celebrant Am I?  

It’s easiest to start by telling you what kind of celebrant I’m not. I’m not a humanist celebrant, even though my ceremonies are all about being human. And I’m not a spiritual celebrant, though I can be if you want me to be.

I’m an independent celebrant. This video will tell you more about what an independent celebrant is.

Video from DS Media. This video will tells you more about what ceremonies an independent celebrant delivers and what makes their ceremonies special.

What About The Legal Bit?

I believe in being honest, so I wanted to let you know that if you are planning a wedding ceremony with me, I cannot legalise your marriage. But it’s easy to organise a legal signing with the HSE. I’ve created a blog post that simplifies the whole process for you. I’ll also be happy to talk you through how it all works. Just give me a call on 087 6959799.

What I Can Offer You

I can tell you about my qualifications and experience, but I’m more interested in telling you what I can do for you. And what I can do is tell your story in a creative way.. I would be delighted to tell your story at the ceremonies I create for you and to play a small role in the greatest moments of your life. I also have a good level of French and Irish, and I can add splashes of both languages into my ceremonies. 

This is a photo of me wearing a pink trouser suit, with my ceremony folder in my hand. I’m at Powerscourt Hotel in Wicklow and there are bushes with green and gold leaves in the background. Photo Credit: Dermot Byrne Photography

I’d be happy to send you information about how my ceremonies work. Email me at info@celebrantderv.ie and I’ll answer you straight away.

Affiliated to Irish Institute of Celebrants, Irish Ethical Celebrants Society, The Celebrant Directory and Association of Funeral Celebrants Ireland.

This is the log for The Celebrant Directory. I am a member of this directory, which is an international celebrant organisation.
This is the logo for the Irish Ethical Celebrants Society, a society that promotes a community of independent celebrants in Ireland.
This is the logo for the Irish Institute of Celebrants, who train funeral and family celebrants and who I'm accredited to.

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